Local 1000 AFSCME, AFL-CIO

Test Booklets

CSEA takes pride in its commitment to helping union members advance in their chosen fields.

The following list of publications makes available online for the first time CSEA's popular LEAP (Labor-Employee Assistance Program) handbooks, civil service test prep booklets aimed at helping union members improve their careers.

 Download Adobe  To read some documents that are in pdf format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free.

Improving Your Test-Taking Skills -- Booklet ITTS

Basic Mathematics -- Booklet No. 1

Arithmetic Reasoning -- Booklet No. 2

Math Refresher - Booklet 2

Tabular Reasoning -- Booklet No. 3

Understanding and Interpreting Written Material -- Booklet No. 4

Grammar, Usage & Punctuation-- test Booklet No. 5

Supervision -- Booklet No. 6

Basic Algebra and Elementary Statistics -- Booklet No. 8

Concepts and Principles for Normalization of Mentally Retarded/Development Disabled  - Booklet 9

Principles and Practices in the Treatment of the Mentally III/Emontionally Disturbed  - Booklets 10

How to take an Oral Exam -  Booklet 11

Evaluating Conclusions in the Light of Known Facts -- Booklet No. 12

Educating and Interacting with the Public  - Booklet 13

Verbal Analysis/Evaluating Conclusions in the Light of Known Facts -- test Booklet No. 14

Understanding and Interpreting Tabular Material II/Quantitative Analysis -- Booklet No. 15

Contemporary Government and Social Problems  Booklet 16

Written English/Preparing Written Material  -- Booklet No. 17

Administrative Supervision / Supervision II -- Booklet No. 18

Coding and Decoding -- Booklet No. 19

Alphabetizing/Name and Number Checking  -  Booklet 20

Interviewing/Investigative Techniques  -  Booklet 21

Memory for Facts and Information/The Ability to Apply Stated Laws. Rules and Regulations  -  Booklet 22

Office Practices/Keyboarding Practices -- Booklet No. 23

Work Scheduling/Inventory Control  -  Booklet 24

Flowcharting/Computer Work Scheduling  -  Booklet 25

Office Record Keeping  -  Booklet 26

  If you don't find the test booklet here on our site, than try the Region IV's website.  You will have to login and create a password, if you don't already have one. Good luck!